Have a real day…

Posted by on October 25, 2012 in Guest Blogs

Have a real day…

This is not a pretty story. I woke up crabby and rapidly slid downhill into grumpy. There wasn’t a good reason — or even a bad one. I was just suddenly a short, blondish, Cruella DeVille.

I harrumphed at my children, ignored the cat, snarled at my laptop and grinched my way through checking email. Couldn’t shower right away because my daughter wanted to. Grumble … grumble … grumble.

Realized I was thirsty and my body wanted lemon water. Cold. Sour. Cloudy. Yeah. Just the fuel this morning needed.

Roamed onto Facebook where everyone seemed to be having the most enlightened, beautiful, dream-come-true kind of day they’d ever had. Humbug! Several of them wanted to know how I was….really.

I didn’t answer, because I truly like these people, and most of Cruellas’s responses were unprintable….really. I took a shower instead. Crabs like water, right?

Couldn’t stop thinking about the “How are you? Really.” question, though.

Really, I was not so good. Stretched very thin. Carrying too much. Not asking for help. I wasn’t listening to my heart. I missed the deep connection to myself and the earth and oneness I’d felt during a recent retreat. And, on top of all that, I was standing in my shower hoping that being wet would stop the Cruella crab. Which it wasn’t.

So here’s the part where I’m supposed to tell you I got out of the shower into a lovely insightful meditation, made myself a green smoothie, called three friends for help, and began having the most enlightened, beautiful, dream-come-true kind of day ever. Happy ending accomplished.

I didn’t.

I got out of the shower into the same pile of demands and responsibilities I’d dropped on the floor with my jammies. I grabbed a bagel (my daughter had eaten the peach I wanted) and took many deep breaths. I drove my kids to the trailhead for their hike.

On the way home from dropping the kids off I screeched to a stop to stare drop-jawed at a whole flock of wild turkeys (awww….little ones!) I slalomed down the road avoiding a fleet of butterflies. Yes, I brake for butterflies.

Now I’m writing this for you. Because crabby days happen. Just a part of the rhythm of life. Especially when we stop listening to our hearts and try to handle everything all by ourselves. So (shrug) we’re human.

Then wild turkey poults happen.

And butterflies.

You get to write a blog post for a really amazing community.

Cruella stalks out of your day because she hates being wet.

The same tidal flow of life that brought the grumpy day pulls it away. Realistic doing OK ending happens.


Written by Tracie

Tracie Nichols, M.A. is a changemaker and advocate for women and the earth. She’s the creator of Soul-Truthing – intuitive mentoring helping women unearth and live their raw soul truth. “I believe it’s all right there – in your heart – and all it takes to ease it to the surface is a little help blowing away the smoke and moving the mirrors. Because you’re flat-out amazing, and we need you.”

Tracie has been developing her intuitive gift for nearly twenty years. She weaves her intuition with her training in Human and Organizational Transformation helping people make, and stick with, significant life changes. You can find nearly daily practical ideas, insights and inspiration on her website. “Stop by tracienichols.com, grab a cup of tea, settle in and enjoy! I especially enjoy when you share your thoughts by posting comments on blog posts!”

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