Healing Manifesto

A manifesto is a declaration of intentions. On my personal healing journey, I have learned so many factors that contribute to our health and wellness, and I have declared my own set of intentions. I believe that everyone should consider having their own manifesto.

We CAN live a happy, healthy life. And we have a lot more control of the outcome than we’ve been led to believe. In my manifesto, I remind myself about key contributors to my own health and wellness. There are many ways to assist in the prevention of illness, and there are many things we can do to help our body heal from whatever conditions arise.

A big part of my personal healing has come from learning to examine my belief systems. Is everything I’ve been told really true? Do our thoughts and beliefs have an impact on our physical body? Are there more things we can do to prevent illness? Can the body heal itself? Do we really have to live without hope after a chronic or autoimmune illness diagnosis?

Order a copy of my Healing Manifesto

Will your own personal healing manifesto help you? If so, I think I can help you. Order a copy of my personal Healing Manifesto. Use it to create your own. For $3.33, I will send you a copy.

Why $3.33?

The number 3 represents creativity, self-expression, playfulness, love, beginnings.

The number 333 represents an awakening, physically or spiritually, and a confirmation of something you have been working on.

It really is time to take back your power. Is this your Wake Up Call?

Use the form below to request a copy. I will follow up with a PayPal invoice, and send you a copy upon receipt of payment.

Psst, one more thing ……

I REALLY, REALLY believe that it is time to take back your power when it comes to your own health and wellness. And while I believe that we are more likely to use something if we pay for it, I also want to do my part to make a difference. If you’re curious but not sure if you want to pay, go ahead and download the Manifesto now. If you think it helps you, come on back and pay later.

I really hope it helps …. Download here


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