Don’t Wait For a Cure for Cancer, Know and Avoid the Causes

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Don’t Wait For a Cure for Cancer, Know and Avoid the Causes

For years, a well meaning public in this country who has continued to lose their friends and loved ones to cancer has been tricked by the industry into donating, walking, praying, buying pink, and most recently dumping ice buckets on themselves to find a cure.  All the while, we’ve been distracted from ever asking ourselves what could be the root causes behind the massive increases in cancer that we have faced in recent years.

Rather than sitting back and waiting for a magic bullet that will seemingly never come, now more than ever, our country needs to shift our discussion to the causes.  When you know the causes, you know the cure.  If you believe the cancer industry and the pharmaceutical companies are on your side, remember this, us staying sick is what keeps them in business and keeps the pharmaceutical companies profiting.  If you doubt this, then watch the segment that 60 minutes recently ran on the cost of cancer drugs here.

Since Richard Nixon declared war on cancer as a nation in 1971 and vowed to find a cure for it, we’ve seen the expectancy rates of getting cancer in one’s lifetime jump from 1 in 10 to 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women.  Our “war on cancer” couldn’t be more of a dismal failure.  As we entered the 1960’s we challenged ourselves as a nation to reach the moon within a decade and succeeded.  Here we are 4 decades after declaring war on cancer and these are the results.  All because we have been tricked by the industry into focusing on a cure instead of questioning what has changed since then.

I won’t focus on crossing my fingers that the research will find that magic cure that will seemingly never come.  What I will do though is to shed some light on what has changed since we planted our flag against cancer in 1971 and the undeniable link between those changes and the rate of cancer we have seen.  Again, if you know the causes, then you know the cure.  So what has changed since then?

Quite simply, our food has.  In this blog, I will cover the two things that add up to the perfect storm in our Standard American Diet (SAD) when it comes to the massive increase in cancer we have seen.  These two factors literally create tumors and then feeding them what they need to grow.

While there are a number of things about what we eat that has changed in the last generation, the most important thing that can be pointed to is the complete control of it by corporations and how they have manipulated our crop production.  The top of that control pyramid starts with the Bio Tech corporations such as Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow Chemical and others.  These are companies that have made their living making and selling toxic chemicals for a variety of reasons, the most profitable of which has become spraying our produce as can be seen in the graph below.

To understand the concept of how negatively this can impact our collective health, picture spraying RoundUp that you use on your lawn directly onto the food that you eat.  This is exactly what is done on crops across America with over a billion pounds of pesticides every year.  The best way to get this across is through visual images:


The caption in the last photo sums it up.  If it’s not safe to breathe, how can it be safe to eat?  Quite simply, it isn’t.  But you’ll never hear that from anyone up the food chain to the very top levels in the chemical companies who sell it.  If you’re waiting for our regulatory agencies such as the FDA, EPA, and USDA to step in on your behalf, then you’ll be waiting a long time.  They are all virtually run by ex execs from within the industry whose task it is to protect the very companies who are causing the problem.

While you simply can’t find an independent study within the U.S. showing the long term effects of this poison on those who consume it (they are forbidden by the industry), there have been plenty done outside of our country.  Those studies have consistently shown pesticides such as RoundUp to:

  • Immobilize nutrients making them unavailable in the body
  • Destroy beneficial human gut bacteria (80% of our immune system starts in the gut)
  • Promote synthetic estrogens in the body that are strong hormone disruptors

Logic would say that you wouldn’t eat grass or weeds after spraying them with RoundUp.  Why wouldn’t we use that same logic when it comes to our produce?  Not doing so has been shown to have catastrophic consequences not just when it comes to cancer, but a myriad of other serious diseases in our country.

When years of increased pesticide use began to show negative effects on our crops , the Bio Tech giants like Monsanto hatched a new goal.  That was selling seeds that would withstand the ever increasing amount of pesticides being sprayed on a yearly basis thereby allowing them to sell more of them.  Enter the concept of genetically modifying (GMO’s) our seeds to withstand these toxic chemicals.   GMO corn and soy was introduced in the mid 1990’s and has steadily grown to the levels seen below.

While the standard argument that you’ll hear from the industry is that “GMO crops will feed the world”, studies conducted by the University of Illinois and others show the exact opposite.  Organically grown produce consistently outproduced GMO.  So while there is no supposed upside, lets analyze the downside.  First, there are no long term studies of the effects of consuming GMO’s that have been done in the U.S. because again, they are not allowed by the industry.  In effect this makes the entire population of the U.S. guinea pigs.  I say the U.S. because nearly all of the rest of the civilized world has either outlawed the use of GMO’s or enacted mandatory GMO labeling.

While the truth about GMO’s has been purposely buried in this country, plenty of long term studies outside of the reach of the Bio Techs and our regulatory bodies have been done elsewhere and the results consistently show the following:

  • They create rogue proteins in our body that are allergenic and toxic
  • They damage our DNA at the cellular level
  • Ingesting them over the long term leads to tumor growth and infertility

The most damning study of GMO’s was conducted by Dr. Seralini and released in the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology confirmed all of these findings.  Unfortunately, an incredible amount of pressure was applied by Monsanto on the top levels at the Journal in 2013 to have the story retracted.  Thankfully, the truth was published yet again recently in the Journal of Environmental Sciences as can be seen below:

With ninety plus percent of both corn and soy in our county being GMO, and these making there way into nearly 80% of our food supply, it has become the most wide scale experiment ever conducted on human beings without their consent.  While polls consistently show that 90% of us want GMO’s to be labeled in this country, the Bio Techs like Monsanto and members of the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association spend millions to defeat it when it appears on each state’s ballot.

This begs the question, “if GMO’s are safe, then why are millions spent to keep us in the dark about the food items that carry them?”  The answer is quite simple.  If we know and can track what foods carry GMO’s and who are eating them, then it would become easy to correlate a link between GMO’s and cancer and the thirty plus other serious illnesses and diseases that have steadily increased since their introduction.  The corporations involved simply can’t afford to allow that to happen.

By making our corn and soy “RoundUp ready”, the chemical companies have been able to drastically increase the amount of chemicals such as glyphosate that can be sold to farmers to apply to their crops as can be seen here:

An unfortunate side effect has been a huge increase in glyphosate resistant “super weeds”, but I’m sure the industry is working on a new pesticide to sell our farmers to address that problem.

The massive increases of pesticides and GMO’s that we have seen entering our food supply in the last few decades has led to a toxic environment and genetic mutation at the cellular level in our bodies.  That opens the door for these mutated cells known as free radicals to form into colonies rather than dying off as normal cells continually do as a part of the natural cycle in our bodies.  These colonies need fuel to grow and multiply into tumors and the second part of the equation in the standard American diet is only too happy to cooperate with this need.

Over the years, the amount of refined carbohydrates and refined sugars being consumed on an annual basis in this country has steadily increased.  While it is recommended that humans should keep their daily sugar consumption to below 25 grams per day, the average American takes in more than six times that amount at 151 grams per day.  That comes out to 130 pounds per year or about 3550 pounds in a lifetime, enough to fill up an entire dumpster.  Much of this sugar is hidden in the foods we eat, especially the drinks that we choose and carbohydrates.

What is cancer’s main food source?  You guessed it, SUGAR!  This is exactly why cancer patients are injected with a radioactive dye with glucose in it when they get a PET scan.  Because the glucose (sugar) is immediately drawn right to the tumor so that they can be identified on the scan.  When sugar is used to identify tumors, why would the majority of oncologists deny any link between diet and cancer as our first oncologist did?  The answer is that they are taught nothing about the link between sugar as a food source and cancer in medical school.  They simply learn about their three tools of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery to attack it.

This is the dirty little secret that the health care industry never wanted to talk to us about as we navigated our way through treatment for my wife’s breast cancer and my son’s brain tumor.  Addressing the causes would simply be bad for business so they were never discussed.  The FDA which eerily has the words food AND drug in their title acts as a protection agent for both industries.  They neglect to inform us of the problems with our food supply that eventually leads to us needing the cancer industry’s drugs for “treatment”.

Unless we wake up to begin focusing on the causes outlined here  instead of supporting pinkwashing and running for a cure, the cancer rates in our country will continue to increase and effect the people that we love.  I for one am done chasing that carrot, and will only talk about the causes as I cover in this blog.  An informed public will demand the necessary changes to start really making a difference when it comes to cancer.  By raising awareness of the causes and demanding a change by avoiding GMO’s and eating organic only, we can start to turn this around.  It starts with only eating foods that carry these seals if they come in a box, bag, can, or jar:

Next, it comes down to replacing processed and refined foods with whole foods or real foods.  If it reads like a science experiment on the ingredients label, then it will act like one inside of your body as well.  Our family also avoids fast food as there are so many carcinogenic ingredients in them.  We have also eliminated refined sugar from our diets and have a limited amount of naturally occurring sweeteners such as raw honey, stevia, coconut palm sugar, etc.

To keep informed about the damaging effects of GMO’s, pesticides, and food additives that we should all avoid, there are several experts in the field that I tend to follow such as the following:

Robyn O’Brien:

Mike Adams: and

Jeffrey Smith:

Vani Hari:


When it comes to curing cancer, knowing and eliminating the causes should be the goal, not simply allowing the causes to persist so that they can be treated with the latest toxic treatment or surgery.  The only way that we can bring about the changes to have these causes removed from our food supply is through consumer demand.  If enough of us stand up and refuse to compromise our health by avoiding these harmful practices within our food system, eventually our voices will be heard all the way up the chain.

To Your Health!

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