Phone A Friend

Look Inside

  • Are you feeling stuck? Seems like you can’t move forward in the direction that you’d like to go because the pressures of daily life are making it impossible? Is your health starting to become affected?
  • Or do you have a health issue and you don’t know where to start? Does it seem like everyone has advice for you? Is the advice conflicting?
  • Maybe you want to play bigger, but you don’t know where to start, or you can’t seem to get out of your own way.
  • Do you just want to scream? Do you wish you had someone to talk to about it?

You do.

It has been said that “the answers are all inside of us”. People have their Eureka moments, then look back and say “yup, the answer was inside me all along”. But sometimes you just don’t know where to look.

Maybe it’s time to “Phone a Friend”.

Ken has a unique way of helping you look inside, giving you questions that help you look inside, turn over your own stones and look underneath them. The questions will come as part of a conversation. They may seem like obvious questions once you hear them, but maybe you haven’t taken the time to ask them of yourself.

How does it work?

You’ll share your story. Ken might even share a bit of his if it seems relevant to the conversation. It’s not about him, but sometimes we find comfort knowing that the person we are talking to has “been there”. Questions will come up. You may have an “a-ha” moment right away. You’ll write them down and go away thinking about them. Simple tools will be provided to help you “go within”. Over the next few days, you may find the answers you’ve been looking for, you may find some action steps that get you moving forward, taking baby steps to get you out of the muck. You will move forward. If you don’t, you don’t pay.

Feedback on Ken’s sessions and videos

“I felt really energetically held by you and that you were 100% present with me throughout the call. It was more like chatting to an old friend than getting coaching, which was a nice feeling; more relaxing.”

“While we were engaged in conversation I noticed a couple of things. You have the ability to stay on purpose which is very good, many people allow themselves to get ‘side-tracked’ in conversation, you are able to bring the conversation back and that is on your side. You also ask deep-thought provoking questions not the routine ‘what do you do?’ sort of questions but the questions that stimulate one to question themselves and that is powerful.”

Nothing you say is terribly earth shattering, but rarely do you find someone who makes so much sense out of things that everybody (should) know. Like they say, “common sense isn’t very common”, but you break down and articulate those things we all (should) know concisely and practically. You take words and turn them into tools that anyone can use, not just people with an autoimmune dis-ease.”

“How could someone not take the positive message out of the personal experience you have shared? I certainly benefited from this, as I too experience stresses (who doesn’t really) and find it very hard to not be critical of myself. I look forward to your future blogs and messages. You are a Positive Force and I’m glad to have started this journey with you………thanks for sharing.”

How do I start?

Sign up using the form below. Use the Comments section to share your story. Don’t be shy. You’re reaching out for a reason. The goal is to help you help yourself. Write whatever comes to mind, and hit Send. I’ll contact you within 2 business days to book a session, either by Skype or by phone. I will send an invoice in advance of the session, payment is due prior to the session. If at the end of the session, you feel that you have not received value, your payment will be returned, no questions asked. (Note that this has never happened).

What do I pay?

One-hour telephone conversation — $99

Two one-hour telephone conversation, with up to 5 email exchanges over the next 3 months – $333

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