My Story

Ken Jaques has a very unique ability to help people uncover their inner spirit, inspiring them to begin truly living their life purpose. With a true desire to make a difference in the world, his mission is to enlighten and empower people he meets to be the change they wish to see. His gentle, honest, non-judgmental approach creates an environment where people can open up to see themselves as who they really are, then to become enlightened and empowered to make the changes in their life that they desire.

Wake-Up Call: Ken has had a very successful IT consulting career spanning over 25 years, playing a key role in helping grow a company from inception to being sold at its peak in 2000. Over the next several years the market became tougher and the company became less successful, things weren’t working the way they had in the past. Then he woke up one morning with DIS-ease (rheumatoid arthritis) and his life changed literally overnight. Read more on why Ken is considered a “Messenger of Hope”.

Over the next several years, Ken experienced many aspects of the healthcare system and also began a journey of trying to understand the mind-body-spirit connection. While on his own healing journey, Ken has developed his 5 fundamental principles to live by:

  1. Expect synchronicity – There are no coincidences. We are given signs every day that help us follow our life path. Learn to recognize and expect the signs.
  2. Examine limiting beliefs – Many of us live our lives under the pretense that “we’re not good enough” or “I can handle anything myself”. We are all connected and working together, we can achieve anything we set out to do.
  3. Speak your authentic truth – Express (don’t suppress). Ask for help when you need it, the answers will come from unexpected places.
  4. Love vs fear – Even the simplest life choices are often based on a choice between love and fear. Recognize, then let go of the negative emotions, remove judgment from your life. You’ll feel a lot better and be more balanced.
  5. Get off the sidelines – Avoid mediocrity, start taking the steps to live your life desires. If not you, then who? If not now, then when?



Our goal is to work with people that really want to make a difference, a difference in their community and a difference in our world. We [enlighten] people by getting them to examine their [limiting beliefs] and to not fear their own [greatness], such that they can live life with passion and purpose, and [create] their own reality.


We believe that the answers to what each of us desire and what we want to [create] are within us. We [empower] people to find their Inner Child and their [Authentic Self], the one that has no limitations, the one that doesn’t fear its own greatness, the one that got up every time it fell down, and the one that still believes “I can be anything that I want to be” and “I can do anything that I want to do”.


We believe that there are a number of crises that are taking place in our world today. But each of these [crises] also present wonderful [opportunities] for those that are willing to make a difference. It’s time to [think different]. Remember, some people have been crazy enough to think that they can change the world … and they have. So who’s going to [change] your world? If not you, then who? If not here, then where? If not now, then when? [Be the Change].


Help Ken change and heal the world. If you change one person, if you change yourself, you change the world.